Lisboa Card:
the official tourist map of Lisbon

Save time and money with the Lisboa Card! Enjoy free access to over 26 museums and cultural venues, along with unlimited public transportation for 24, 48 or 72 hours, which even includes the train and subway to Lisbon Airport.

Take advantage of more than 70 discounts on tours, shows, entertainment and other services.
Get the most out of your visit!

What is the Lisboa Card?

The Lisboa Card represents Lisbon's official tourist pass, a true 3-in-1.

Essentially, it is a transportation pass, a museum admission ticket and a discount card all in one. In addition to that, the Lisboa City Card package also offers a free map and a compact travel guide.

Overall, this Lisbon tourist pass proves to be a valuable ally for visitors to Lisbon, enabling them to optimize their time and save money while in the city.

Choose your Lisboa Card

Starting from 27€
Duration: 24 hours
Starting from 44€
Duration: 48 hours
Starting from 54€
Duration: 72 hours

What is included in the Lisboa Card?


The Lisbon City Pass includes free and discounted access to Lisbon's best museums.
Attractions that offer free access include the Belém Tower, the Monastery dos Jerónimos, the National Museum of the Azulejos, the Santa Justa Elevator, and the National Palace of Mafra. At the same time, Lisbon Cathedral, Benfica Stadium, San Jorge Castle, and numerous other attractions offer discounted access.


The Lisbon Tourist Card includes free and unlimited transportation throughout Lisbon's public transportation network (metro, bus, streetcar, funicular).
In addition to public transportation in the Portuguese capital, with this Lisbon means card you can ride the Cais do Sodré - Cascais trains for free.

Other benefits of the Lisboa Card

Avoid the queue and save time

Many of Lisbon's major attractions and museums offer "skip the line" service for Lisboa Pass Card holders.
This allows you to avoid long and stressful lines at the entrance. In addition to this, you will not have to worry about wasting time on public transportation, as you will not need to buy a ticket each time.

Discounts on premises and shopping centers

In addition to enjoying a discount on attractions, you can also enjoy exclusive offers on clubs, restaurants and shopping centers. In fact, Lisbon card holders will be guaranteed a discounted price in several businesses that display the "Lisboa Card" sticker at the entrance.

Free Lisbon Guide

Included in the price of the Lisboa Card, you will get a free Lisbon city guide with a metro and public transport map, descriptions of the most famous museums and attractions, and tourist information about the areas and discounts offered by the Lisbon city pass.

How much does the Lisboa Card cost?

The Lisbon Card has an initial cost of 27€ for 24 hours.

The price varies according to the duration of the tourist pass, which can be 24, 48 or 72 hours:

24-hour Lisbon Card
from 27€
  • Use for 24 hours
  • Access to up to 51 attractions
  • Free travel on public transportation
  • Free access Tram 28
  • Free Access S.Justa Elevator
  • Tour Guide
  • ...much more...
72-hour Lisbon Card
from 54€
  • Use for 72 hours
  • Access to up to 51 attractions
  • Free travel on public transportation
  • Free access Tram 28
  • Free Access S.Justa Elevator
  • Tour Guide
  • ...much more...

Lisbon's tourist pass is free for children under 4 and has a reduced cost for children ages 4 to 15.

Important: Each Lisbon Card is personal and cannot be given to another person.

Where can you buy the Lisbon Card?

If you wish to purchase the Lisbon pass, you have two options available to you. You can purchase it directly in Lisbon at the Portela information office or at the Lisboa Welcome Center located in Praça do Comércio.

However, it is important to note that you may often run into very long lines.
To avoid the wait, the second option is to make the purchase online.
This gives you the flexibility to buy it at any time, and the card will remain active for a full year.

Where do you pick up the card?

Once your purchase is made, you will receive the voucher via email.

You will need to show it in one of the Ask Me Lisboa tourist offices in the city or in the arrivals terminal at Lisbon-Portela Airport, where you will be given the physical card.
The confirmation e-mail includes a list of pick-up points, addresses and opening hours.

Does the Lisboa card really pay off?

The Lisboa Card can be convenient depending on your activities and interests. It is ideal if you plan to explore Lisbon in a few days, use public transportation and visit different attractions.

However, if the visits are not consecutive or if you prefer to walk instead of using transportation, the convenience may decrease.
The card offers benefits such as priority access and discounts, but should be evaluated according to one's needs and planned itinerary. Students and young Europeans may not benefit much, while the closure of some attractions on Mondays may affect usage.

Overall, this Lisbon pass is a particularly good option for those who want to make the most of the attractions in a short period.


How to use the Lisboa Card?

The Lisboa Card represents Lisbon's official tourist pass, a true 3-in-1.

The Lisboa Card represents the ideal solution for those who have a few days to immerse themselves in the city, especially thanks to thefree access to the local public transportation system.

So without any problems, you can get on a bus, streetcar or train and head to the majestic Palacio Nacional de Ajuda, the animated Azulejos Museum or the fascinating Roman Theater Museum, all without having to shell out any money.
Afterwards, jump back on the transport vehicle and head to the Monument of Discovery, the Sao Jorge Castle or the fascinating Carmo Museum of Archaeology, enjoying significant discounts.

And if you still have energy to spare, treat yourself to an exploration of the city with an adventure via Sidecar Touring or a ride on the Circuit Colinas Tram.

The Lisboa Card proves its practicality no matter how long you stay in the city.

With 24, 48 or 72 consecutive hour options, this travel card adapts flexibly to different types of visitors and programs. In addition, validity extends for one full year from the date of purchase (a useful feature in case of changes in travel plans) and is activated on first use.

Equipped with the Lisboa Card, you'll be ready to enjoy local food and drink, shop, travel, and discover all the sights and sounds of this fascinating riverside city.
The knowledge that you will save significantly during this experience will make your trip to Lisbon even more rewarding.

Frequently asked questions

The Lisboa Card also includes a "fast track" option at places like the Monastero dos Jerónimos, Belém Tower, National Archaeological Museum, and Ajuda Palace. This allows you to skip the long lines. Just scan your card on one of the special automated machines.

The "Viva Viagem" is a transportation card designed for travelers and casual visitors. It represents a quick and easy way to make payments for subway, bus, streetcar, funicular, ferry and train travel in Lisbon. If you plan to visit numerous monuments and museums on a daily basis, we undoubtedly recommend purchasing a Lisboa Card. However, if you mainly want to explore the historic neighborhoods and enjoy the sights from the outside, the Viva Viagem card might be the ideal option for getting around Lisbon's public transportation with ease. For more information, read the article best Viva Viagem or Lisboa Card?

No. Many of the attractions included in the Lisboa Card already offer youth and student discounts, and these discounts cannot be combined with those offered by the Lisboa Card. This means that to maximize savings, it is more convenient to opt for individual online tickets with reduced rates for specific attractions, while for transportation you can purchase the Viva Viagem.

The Lisboa Card becomes valid when you first use it, not when you collect it. For example, if you use it for the first time at 8:00 p.m., the first day of use will expire at 8:00 p.m. the next day.